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EPHS Head Coach:

Courtney Brandon

651-247-4595 (cell)

CMS Head Coach:

Andy Malone

Assistant Coaches:

Zach Hanson

Bruce Kivimaki

Ryan Ford

Molly Malone Patil

Allie Weinstock

Lizzie McNamara

2022 Captains:

Matthew Berge

Berit Berggren

Tavishi Chakraborty

Jameson Drieslein

Jake Heimkes

Varenya Vegesna


One of our main program goals is to encourage student-athletes to continue running after their EPHS careers are done. A majority of them keep running, whether it be on a college team or for enjoyment on their own.

Here is a list of EPHS runners who are competing on either NCAA teams or university-sponsored club programs. Please let Coach Brandon know if there is someone who should be added to this list.

Class of 2021:

Isaac Hartman--University of Iowa

Miriam Sandeen - University of Iowa

Jack Gschwendtner - University of Iowa

Ella Bakken - Augustana University

Alex Gutierrez - Kansas State University

Class of 2020:

Jake Derouin--University of Colorado, Boulder

Emily Dahl - Creighton University

Liesl Paulsen--UMN Twin Cities

Abrielle Jirele--University of South Dakota

Riley Marble--Luther College

Class of 2019:

Nadia English--Gustavus Adolphus

Jack Marble--Gustavus Adolphus

Peter Oviguian--Gustavus Adolphus

Sam Marble--Gustavus Adolphus

Aidan St. George--Bethel College

Ananya Vegesna - UMN Twin Cities